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Posted 2 months ago

AccuraCast SearchStarz Blog: Google and Yahoo - sticking it to the man?

Google and Yahoo stick it to the man

Google and Yahoo are sticking it to the man by protecting their users against both Government surveillance and hackers. They are launching a new encrypted email system to make the web a safer, sounder environment. Go Google!

Posted 6 months ago

Infographic we created for a financial services client showing Surprising Facts About Retirement in Different Cultures.

View further information about the infographics and our findings at

Posted 2 years ago

We’re liking the updated Google 2012 Olympic medals tally much more, now that UK is 3rd in the rankings with 25 Gold medals!

Posted 2 years ago

Olympic Medal Tallies on Google

Nice coverage and special shortcut information from Google. Shame that team GB are so low, though :(

Posted 2 years ago

Google Wants You To Click On Ads

For real!

This infographic by WordStream uses their own data to paint a rather interesting picture about how Google is really all about paid clicks.

The War on Free Clicks

Source: WordStream

Posted 2 years ago

How Google works - in 7 minutes

Just in case you didn’t already know the basics of how the world’s biggest search engine works.

Posted 2 years ago

Google Wants You To Fly Out Of The USA, But Not Back In!

This is just strange… Google has made Flight Search international, but only one way!

So, users can view flights leaving from US cities to anywhere in the world, but not from anywhere in the world to the USA.

Couldn’t they just have sorted it properly before launching - what use is a one-way flight out of the USA to most people?

Posted 2 years ago

Hey Google, Why You Do Me Like That?

Google’s Matt Cutts recently spoke at a session titled “Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better!" where he announced that they’re working on an ‘Over Optimisation’ penalty.

Essentially, Google’s about to penalize websites that look too optimised…. websites that use too much rel=”nofollow” to sculpt PageRank, or use too many keywords in heading tags and so on.

So Google basically builds these tools for SEO, tells webmasters to use them, knowing full well that the SEO specialists will be the only ones who pay attention, and then Google goes and uses those very tools to trap the SEOs who paid heed.

Luckily, we’ve never bothered with PageRank sculpting or any of these over-optimisation tactics that Matt Cutts seems to reference. However, for those of our colleagues who did, we commisserate. This is typical of Google.

Posted 2 years ago

Searchlight analysed the search rankings for Robert Scoble’s 500 most influential technology blog writers and using the tech blogger names as keywords, they measured the appearance of social networks in the search results. They looked at the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • MySpace
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Tracked the tech blogger names in terms of appearances in the SERPs, they looked for domains that appear most often. It was found that Google+ profiles appeared on Page 1 only 33% of the time, rarely in prime visibility positions.

Posted 2 years ago

How Google Makes Liars Out of the Good Guys in SEO

Google continues to penalize good SEOs who stick to Google’s anti-spam guidelines and reward those who flaunt the guidelines and indulge heavily in link spam. They need to either shape up or stop advising contrary to their systems.

Posted 2 years ago

Could Google's Response To Privacy Policy Critics Be Any More Obnoxious?

In their own words “You don’t need to log in to use many of our services”. So, are they saying that if we log on to use their services we must pretty much sacrifice our right to privacy according to whatever they see fit? This attitude could have worked in 2001, but now when Google is used by virtually everyone, they surely can’t expect people to stand by quietly and submit to their policies.

Posted 2 years ago

Is Google's Personalisation (Search+ Your world) Good?

Does Google Search+ Your World provide better search results or is it just restricting people’s points of view and making it tougher to discover new content and opinions?