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The April 2014 Total Lunar Eclipse

Image Credit: Ben Cooper

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One of the world’s most beautiful libraries where the books and the visitors provide the color.

1 shade of white

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Infographic we created for a financial services client showing Surprising Facts About Retirement in Different Cultures.

View further information about the infographics and our findings at

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Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds


Google Releases New Ad Format: AdBirds


In a pretty wonderful example of an April Fool’s joke, Google AdWords now offers ad placement on actual birds when you sign into your dashboard.  ”AdBirds” gives you the option to place your business’s messaging on the beak, head, wings, and even the tail feathers.  You have six different birds to choose from, ranging from the quick and nimble sparrow to the nocturnal owl.  I was slightly…

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Facebook on the web is edging ever closer to a nightmare.

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We created this infographic for our client, Chemist Direct, to help health conscious consumers understand if vitamin supplements can really help us stay healthy.

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Nissan - A timeline of Innovation [INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC]

We built this awesome interactive graphic for our client, to showcase the innovation in automotive engineering by Nissan

Nissan innovate

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Yahoo Set to Buy Tumblr

Rumour has it that Yahoo are almost certainly set to purchase Tumblr for $1.1 billion, with the BBC stating that the takeover is a “foregone conclusion”.

But the real question is over what Yahoo stand to gain from this acquisition and whether this will mean changes to the blogging platform.

What are your views?

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Google Wallet API - 3 Point Payment

An update to the Google Wallet API makes it ridiculously simple to spend money on things you might not really need!

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Send Scents to Your Friends

If you have ever wanted to send your friends certain scents that remind you of times you have spent together or to share your current surroundings with them, then watch this video!

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Friends Don’t Let Stupid Friends Do The Harlem Shake